Daily Practice

Practice only on the days you eat!

Thirty minutes per day is minimum. Playing every day is the only way to build proficiency and grow musically. Regular scheduled practice time is essential. Practice can be done after every meal, before or after school or broken into 3 ten minute sessions for young children. Setting a regular time for practice will help develop the self discipline needed for learning the instrument. Assigned listening should be done daily.


Please come prepared with a willingness to learn


Participation in the studio fall and spring recital is mandatory. Performing in a friendly environment allows the student to gain confidence, poise, the ability to memorize, the opportunity to express oneself and share music with his peers.

Performing comfortably in public is a skill acquired through repetition. Therefore, students will be encouraged to participate in as many avenues of performance as possible such as ensemble playing, school events, community, church or synagogue functions, Anchorage Keyboard Teacher Association and Music Teachers National Association events.

Nothing beats the wonderful feeling of a successful performance!