Parent/Guardian Support Is A Must!

Parents are the greatest influence in a child’s life. They provide the security and the abundant love essential to a happy musical experience.

The music lesson provides a model to follow when the child practices during the week. The more thoroughly the parent understands what is happening, the better he can help at home. During the lesson the parent acts as an interested observer. With notebook in hand, the parent can make notes about assignments, record tips, practice suggestions and write questions to be answered at the end of the lesson. He can learn to recognize his child’s small successes and give plenty of praise and encouragement as each small step is mastered.

Musical parent’s success is not measured by the child’s competition wins or participation in many recitals. Instead, it is measured by music becoming an important part of the child’s life and watching him grow into a fine independent adult.

Musical Parents Should:

  • Provide a quiet environment with uninterrupted practice
  • Provide a regular scheduled time for practice
  • Attend lessons
  • Listen to the assigned recordings with your child
  • Ask your child to teach you what they have learned
  • If you play the piano, play duets with your child
  • Listen to your child and give lots of praise
  • Have fun with the entire process